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How to Play Crystal Singing Bowl

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There are two ways to use the crystal singing bowl to make a sound, one is to knock, the other is to rub.

Generally used in combination with two methods:

The operator maintains a state of emotional calm, divides the crystal singing bowl into three equal parts, and taps on three points.

Or there is a Mogen David knocking method, that is using the method of painting Mogen David to knock six times.

Then use suede mallet to gently rub the upper edge of crystal singing bowl. The method of friction is divided into positive (clockwise) and reverse (counterclockwise), positive is to add new energy (complement), and reversal is to exclude energy. (vent). You can use a little water when you hit it. Do not knock too hard and friction when the force to be uniform.



When using crystal singing bowl, you need to pay attention to keep the sound steady. The sound should be kept within the acceptable range, otherwise it will become noise. It’s also important to note is that crystal singing bowl is very fragile, please use it gently.  Don't touch it with your hand, let the sound stop naturally. Because this kind of behavior will destroy the structure of crystal singing bowl. Long term incorrect method of use will cause the crystal singing bowl to make no sound.